United State House of Representatives - Contact representatives, provides information on committee assignments, hearing schedules, and roll call votes.
United States Senate - Contact senators, provides information on committee assignments, hearing schedules, and roll call votes.
United States Congress - Find out who your representatives are, locate legislative bills, and links to executive branch and federal agencies.


National Conference of State Legislatures - Professional association of state legislators and staff. Provides information on latest issues in state legislatures.
State of Wisconsin - Contact Governor's office and state agencies.
Wisconsin Legislature - Find out who your legislators are and search legislative bills. Provides information on committee assignments, hearing schedules and floor.
Wisconsin Ethics Board - Provides background on state's lobbying law, access information on lobbyists, legislators and reported expenditures.
Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce - Business association working to advance policies that are in the public interest of our state and nation. Includes manufacturers, service co.
Workforce Watch (Wisconsin) - The Monthly Workforce Publication from the State of Wisconsin Dept. of Workforce Development.
Wisconsin Association of Personnel Services - Let the resources and membership benefits of WAPS help your firm achieve the success you desire.

Senator Alberta Darling, Senate District 8 Sen.Darling@legis.wisconsin.gov
Representative John Nygren, Assembly District 89 Rep.Nygren@legis.wisconsin.gov
Representative Dale Kooyenga, Assembly District 14 Rep.Kooyenga@legis.wisconsin.gov
Senator Luther S. Olsen, Senate District 14 Sen.Olsen@legis.wisconsin.gov
Senator Sheila Harsdork, Senate District 10 Sen.Harsdorf@legis.wisconsin.gov
Senator Howard L. Marklein, Senate District 17 Sen.Marklein@legis.wi.gov
Senator Thomas Tiffany, Senate District 12 Sen.Tiffany@legis.wi.gov
Senator Leah Vukmir, Senate District 5 Sen.Vukmir@legis.wisconsin.gov
Senator Lena C. Taylor, Senate District 4 Sen.Taylor@legis.wisconsin.gov
Senator Jon Erpenbach, Senate District 27 Sen.Erpenbach@legis.wisconsin.gov
Representative Amy Loudenbeck, Assembly District 31 Rep.Loudenbeck@legis.wisconsin.gov
Representative Mary Felzkowski, Assembly District 35 Rep.Felzkowski@legis.wisconsin.gov
Representative Mark Born, Assembly District 39 Rep.Born@legis.wisconsin.gov
Representative Mike Rohrkasta, Assembly District 55 Rep.Rohrkaste@legis.wisconsin.gov
Representative Gordon Hintz, Assembly District 54 Rep.Hintz@legis.wisconsin.gov
Representative Katrina Shankland, Assembly District 71 Rep.Shankland@legis.wisconsin.gov


City of Milwaukee, WI - Contact Mayor's office, provides background on city.