The WASS board has voted to join the Worker’s Compensation Employers Coalition in supporting important cost-savings to the workers’ compensation system in Wisconsin.  While certain aspects of Wisconsin’s current workers’ compensation work well, and workplace injuries have dropped nearly 60% over the last 20 years, the medical costs have gotten out of control. 
Experience in other states demonstrates that establishing a medical fee schedule can significantly help to manage medical costs.  Nearly every other state in the country has a medical fee schedule. 
The Worker’s Compensation Advisory Council (WCAC), a ten-person DWD council that includes employer groups and labor unions, recently unanimously approved a package of reforms that includes a medical fee schedule.  If enacted by lawmakers, the fee schedule will bring medical costs down and give Wisconsin one more area where we have a competitive edge. 
WASS urges you and your organization to also support the adoption of the medical fee schedule.  We have attached information that you could use in expressing your support to your Wisconsin legislators. 

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