SEEK Careers/Staffing with headquarters in Grafton, Wisconsin will celebrate 50 years in business in 2021. With a total 20 branch offices, 16 of which are in Wisconsin and 4 in the Twin Cities, SEEK specializes in the placement of employees in light industrial, skilled manufacturing and office sectors.

During its 50-year run, SEEK, like many other businesses, has found itself having to shift its business model and pivot operations to adapt to the ways of the times. Having gone through periods of economic recessions, high unemployment, low unemployment and everything in between, SEEK has adapted. This past year has been no exception.  Being in the “people” business, it is not lost on us that millions have suffered directly from COVID-19 and that countless have lost their lives or had a loved one who passed. That fact has really put things into perspective for SEEK.

Founder and CEO, Carol Schneider recently commented, “I am an eternal optimist and like to look at the bright side of things. This company didn’t get to where it is today easily. There were many struggles and times of difficulty along the way; but I always said, ‘We can never give up. If we believe it, we can achieve it.’ I truly believe that.”

Carol also said, “The pandemic has really thrown a wrench into things for all of us and made it difficult to really plan ahead like we normally do, because there are so many unknowns in the mix; but we’ve modified many of our processes and are using more technology than ever to help us become more efficient at running our business. For health and safety reasons, our offices have been closed to the public since March 2020, but we’re still growing our business, which is something I never thought would have been possible before. We are living in unprecedented times, but I believe brighter days are ahead in 2021.”

WASS is grateful for SEEK's support and involvement over the decades.  We salute Carol Schneider and her team for all they have done for the staffing industry in the State of Wisconsin!


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