Adherence to the following Code of Ethics is a condition of membership in the Wisconsin Association of Staffing Services. Members further pledge to abide by all Code of Good Practices adopted by the Association. The Codes are promulgated in the best interest of the industry and the public it serves.

  1. To provide quality services at fair and equitable charges.
  2. To act in accordance with the highest ethical standards of business practice.
  3. To promote wholehearted compliance with all applicable laws.
  4. To practice and promote exemplary and enlightened employment policies in the business community without regard to race, sex, color or creed.
  5. To maintain the highest standards of integrity in all our advertising. Pay rate advertising is specifically prohibited.
  6. To respect and recognize our obligations to our clients, and to strive for similar respect and recognition by all company employees
  7. To recognize and respect the rights and privileges of competitors in the true fashion of individual initiative and free enterprise.
  8. To perform conscientiously our obligations to our country and society arising through our personal and company relations in the social and economic life of our nation.