The mission of the Wisconsin Association of Staffing Services is to support, expand and unify membership with legal and legislative advocacy, educational opportunities, networking, community relations and high ethical standards.

A Letter From Our President

On behalf of the board of Directors of the Wisconsin Association of Staffing Services (WASS) I invite you to take a moment to learn a little bit about why it is important to get involved and support YOUR Industry Association right here in Wisconsin.

The staffing industry plays a vital, yet often overlooked role in our state’s economy.  Each week over 63,000 staffing employees help drive our economy forward while working on assignment with thousands of different companies throughout the state.  Our industry’s role in connecting job seekers with employers is critical in keeping Wisconsin’s businesses moving forward.

With such an important role in our state’s economy, and such a large impact in so many careers of fellow Wisconsinites, it is critical that our industry is well represented at the statewide level. If your firm is not currently a member, here are just three reasons why you should consider joining WASS today:


Stay up to date on legal and legislative trends that affect our industry via newsletters, webinars, and our annual Legislative Conference held each year in Madison. Many of us work with such a broad range of businesses and industries, we often face additional legal and legislative hurdles in operating our businesses. By joining WASS you will be able to stay up to date on employment legislation trends, wage and hour laws, and unemployment and workers compensation changes.


Every year WASS hosts the annual Staffing Employee of the Year Award Celebration. Member companies nominate and celebrate their best and brightest temporary employees for this prestigious award.  This annual banquet is an emotional highlight every year and a great way for your staff to recognize your temporary employees.


By joining WASS, you are connecting with dozens of peer firms throughout the state.  When we are connected together our voice is louder at the legislative level and our industry is better positioned for the future. Connecting with other firms in our industry also provides you with an opportunity to learn from others, hear about the latest trends, and network with your peers.

I hope you will join us as a member company in 2019.


Tyler Emerick

President of The Board

Wisconsin Association of Staffing Services