United State House of Representatives - Contact representatives, provides information on committee assignments, hearing schedules, and roll call votes.

United States Senate - Contact senators, provides information on committee assignments, hearing schedules, and roll call votes.

United States Congress - Find out who your representatives are, locate legislative bills, and links to executive branch and federal agencies.

United States Department of Labor: Fair Labor Standards Act - Plain-language explanations of the Fair Labor Standards Act requirements that strip away the “legalese” and provide employers the basic information they need to understand their obligations and to comply with the law.

United States Department of Labor: Wage and Hour Division (WHD)

United States Department of Labor: WHD Fact Sheet Index Page - These fact sheets offer a vast array of information broken down by industry and subject-matter topics.


National Conference of State Legislatures - Professional association of state legislators and staff. Provides information on latest issues in state legislatures.
State of Wisconsin - Contact Governor's office and state agencies.
Wisconsin Legislature - Find out who your legislators are and search legislative bills. Provides information on committee assignments, hearing schedules and floor.
Wisconsin Ethics Board - Provides background on state's lobbying law, access information on lobbyists, legislators and reported expenditures.
Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce - Business association working to advance policies that are in the public interest of our state and nation. Includes manufacturers, service co.
Workforce Watch (Wisconsin) - The Monthly Workforce Publication from the State of Wisconsin Dept. of Workforce Development.
Wisconsin Association of Personnel Services - Let the resources and membership benefits of WAPS help your firm achieve the success you desire.

Senator Alberta Darling, Senate District 8 Sen.Darling@legis.wisconsin.gov
Representative John Nygren, Assembly District 89 Rep.Nygren@legis.wisconsin.gov
Representative Dale Kooyenga, Assembly District 14 Rep.Kooyenga@legis.wisconsin.gov
Senator Luther S. Olsen, Senate District 14 Sen.Olsen@legis.wisconsin.gov
Senator Sheila Harsdork, Senate District 10 Sen.Harsdorf@legis.wisconsin.gov
Senator Howard L. Marklein, Senate District 17 Sen.Marklein@legis.wi.gov
Senator Thomas Tiffany, Senate District 12 Sen.Tiffany@legis.wi.gov
Senator Leah Vukmir, Senate District 5 Sen.Vukmir@legis.wisconsin.gov
Senator Lena C. Taylor, Senate District 4 Sen.Taylor@legis.wisconsin.gov
Senator Jon Erpenbach, Senate District 27 Sen.Erpenbach@legis.wisconsin.gov
Representative Amy Loudenbeck, Assembly District 31 Rep.Loudenbeck@legis.wisconsin.gov
Representative Mary Felzkowski, Assembly District 35 Rep.Felzkowski@legis.wisconsin.gov
Representative Mark Born, Assembly District 39 Rep.Born@legis.wisconsin.gov
Representative Mike Rohrkasta, Assembly District 55 Rep.Rohrkaste@legis.wisconsin.gov
Representative Gordon Hintz, Assembly District 54 Rep.Hintz@legis.wisconsin.gov
Representative Katrina Shankland, Assembly District 71 Rep.Shankland@legis.wisconsin.gov


City of Milwaukee, WI - Contact Mayor's office, provides background on city.