WASS Supports WI Bill to Preempt Local Employment Law Regulations

WASS has joined a list of employer groups in support of a bill on the preemption of local/municipal employment laws.  This bill would prohibit local governments from enacting their own employment law restrictions on private employers.  See WI Bill to Preempt Local Employment Law Regulations for more details.

WASS Supports WI Bill to Harmonize State and Federal FMLA

In early October, 2017, the Reform FMLA Bill was introduced in the Wisconsin Legislature to harmonize the state FMLA law with federal FMLA law.  As some employers are aware, there are key differences between the two laws, in part because Wisconsin’s law was passed several years before the federal law. Reform FMLA Coalition is a coalition of employer… Read more »

WASS Supports Workers Compensation Medical Fee Schedule

The WASS board has voted to join the WMC_WorkComp Employers Coalition in supporting important cost-savings to the workers’ compensation system in Wisconsin.  While certain aspects of Wisconsin’s current workers’ compensation work well, and workplace injuries have dropped nearly 60% over the last 20 years, the medical costs have gotten out of control.  Experience in other states… Read more »

WASS Names Wisconsin Staffing Employee of the Year!

Members and guests of the Wisconsin Association of Staffing Services celebrated National Staffing Employee Week on Tuesday, September 16, 2017 at The Delafield Hotel.  We rolled out the red carpet for the 52 all-star employees who were nominated for the Wisconsin Staffing Employee of the Year Award.  Our selection committee chose Alphonso James, an associate… Read more »